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Romeo and Juliet- The Killers

William Shakespeare biography

Name William Shakespeare
Birth date unknown. He was baptized on April 26, 1564 (Julian calendar).
Death according to the Gregorian calendar: May 3, 1616, but according to the Julian calendar: April 23, 1616
Occupation playwright, poet and English actor
British Nationality
Elizabethan and Jacobean
Gender tragedies, comedies, histories, fantasies, apocryphal, critical judgments
Elizabethan Theatre Movements
Spouse Anne Hathaway (1582-1616)
Susanna Hall Descent
Hamnet Shakespeare
Judith Quiney
William Shakespeare (Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, United Kingdom v. 1564jul April 26. - Ibid, 23 abriljul. / 1616  May 3) was a playwright, poet and English actor. Sometimes known as the Bard of Avon (or simply El Bardo), Shakespeare is considered the most important writer in English and one of the most famous of the literature universal.
The New Encyclopædia Britannica says that "many consider the greatest playwright of all time. His pieces are represented from more nations than any other writer.
"Shakespeare's works have been translated into major languages and his plays are still performed all over the world. In addition, many quotations and aphorisms of his works have become part of everyday use, both in English and other languages. Over time, there has been much speculation about his life, questioning his sexuality, religious affiliation, and even the authorship of their works.

romeo and juliet "1996" trailer

The famous tragedy into our age, the famous story of the two teenagers that fall in love in the middle of the war of two families, Capulets and Montaguests will try to separate this love story.

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reason of suicide

My reasons:
 All my fears, all my demons are driving me crazy, the loneliness, the rage, the angry, the sadness, Juliet. I can’t live without you, but I can’t live with this guilt of having killed Juliet’s father, I did that she suffered, she cried, and all was my fault, my only fault. I tried but I failed, I can’t live without her, my love, my darling. This wouldn’t happened if I had been more carefully, but at least a good thing go out of this, I stop with the hate, and the descendants of the families will be happy, our story will not repeat. I would like that there has been another ending of my story, a happy one, but I don’t believe in happy endings, Juliet, I love you, I can’t live without you.

alternative end

Scene III act IV

Juliet, on her chamber.
Juliet: this bloddy hate of this both families, but this potion will free our love and we’ll escape of this families, it will be a coward act but, our love is stronger. (enter miss capulet)
Miss Capulet: darling, do you need my help ?
Juliet: No Mother, thanks by the way, why has you arrived to my chamber?
Miss Capulet: a mother isn’t allowed to see her daughter?
Juliet: isn’t that, but, I’m nervous about all this things… can you let me alone?
Miss Capulet: well, if is that your wish, good night.
Juliet: good night mother (mother go out) at last, you are my ticket to way out of here (look to the potion and open it, it touch her lips, but Juliet stops) No! I can’t be so coward! (runs out of the chamber)
Scene IV
In the pasillo”, Juliet with her Mother.
Juliet: Mother! Stop! I have to tell you something
Miss Capulet: what’s wrong daughter?
Juliet: I’m sorry, I lied to you, I married with Romeo Montague (Escape over the window)
Miss Capulet: Juliet! Juliet! (Enter Mr. Capulet)
Mr. Capulet: what’s wrong mylady?
Miss Capulet: It’s our daughter! She escaped!
Mr. Capulet: Oh no! Our daughter! Where? Where she did escape?
Miss Capulet: I don’t know…maybe she will go to Mantua, to see that despicable Montague!
Mr. Capulet: May be or may not… but I know someone that may know where she will go.
Scene V
Mr. Capulet with his guard in the church, looking for Friar Lawrence. Church is empty, friar Lawrence is in the altar, praying, Mr. Capulet enters violently.
Friar Lawrence: How dare you! This is the God house!
Mr. Capulet: I don’t care if is the house of God or Devil, where is my daughter?!
Friar Lawrence: WTF! (LO BORRARE XD) I don’t know what are you talking about!
Mr. Capulet: Listen, God deer, I don’t want to hurt you but if you don’t tell me where is my daughter, I will fire this church with you on it! Do you understand?
Friar Lawrence: Your Daughter? Juliet? Isn’t her in your house?
Mr. Capulet: It seems you don’t understand me,(furious) Where is my Daughter?!
Friar Lawrence: Oh dear God! (whispering) she maybe don’t stick to the plan.
Mr. Capulet: What plan?!
Friar Lawrence: nothing Capulet chief, I’m a little bit dizzy.
Mr. Capulet: Perhaps you God servant have to learn the God laws, lie it’s a sin, guards! (guards raise their weapons and Friar Lawrence is the target)
Friar Lawrence: It’s a sin if you do it for a good cause.
Mr. Capulet: Don’t you understand? Guards, cut him one foot!
Friar Lawrence: I will not speak! (guards cut him a leg and Friar screams)
Mr. Capulet: and now?
Friar Lawrence: (starts to pray) God is my temple, god is my guard, he in the front, I behind, neither my blood neither my body will separate me of him (guard cut his legs, all covered with blood) the wounds and the pain will give me strength, all deaths leads to heaven (one guard put a spear in friar head)
nel nome del Padre, del Figlio e dello Spirito Santo, amen (the friar head it’s crossed by the spear and the body falls into the floor)
Mr. Capulet: well, he did’t wanted to talk. (From behind the altars, a noise is heared) What was that? (approaches the altar, appear acolyte) Very good, somebody will tell us where is my daughter.
Acolyte: (tries to escape but two guards stop him, he fell into de floor)The only thing I know is that Romeo will meet Juliet in two more days, in the church yard (begging to Mr. Capulet) please don’t kill me!
Mr. Capulet: Very well, so in the church yard…

Scene VI
In a street of Verona, Juliet with a crowd of people.
Juliet: Oh damn I! what do I do now? My love, my family, love is stronger, but I will never see my family again, almost not with Romeo, if only! If only a miracle would come from heaven and clean the hate of this families! Many man has death because of this curse. But, that’s not important now, I didn’t follow the plan, and I don’t know how to arrive to Mantua, maybe, the best option is to meet Romeo in two more days, in the churchyard.
Scene VII
In the churchyard, Romeo arrives first with a letter in his hands.
Romeo: It is here? The meeting with my love, Juliet, according to this letter, I must wait here. (noises and shadows moves from behind) What is this? A trick ? I’m not afraid of this things, ghosts and demons! Come here and taste the steel of my sword! (draws his sword and appear Juliet) My love! Juliet! (Him sheates his sword and kiss Juliet with passion)
Juliet: Oh! Romeo! now! Let’s escape from this wastelands.
Romeo: Well, as your wish. (Noises and shadows from behind, romeo draws his sword again) Show yourself! (Appear Mr. Capulet and his guard)
Mr. Capulet: well well well, what do we have here, my disobedient daughter and a depreciable Montague, I will kill you right here and right now!
 Juliet: Father no! (Mr. capulet draws his sword)
Mr, Capulet: Fight like a man!
Romeo: well, if that is your highness will.
Juliet: Please no! (Mr. Capulet fight with Romeo)
Romeo: go out! i don't want to hurt you! (still fighting with Mr. Capulet, he fell into the floor)
Juliet: no Romeo!
Romeo: (furious) Die! (stabs Mr, Capulet and Die) At last (to juliet) we can be free my love.
Juliet: No (crying) no no no! (scream) Noo!! Father!
Romeo: but juliet, we can marry now!
Juliet: (crying with angry) I- Hate You!
Romeo: but... my love (Juliet ran far away and disappear) My love (crying) and go away (appear acolyte)
Acolyte: after the tragedy of the dead of Juliet father, her turned into a nun, forgetting all love to men and loving only god, and Romeo never forgot his past so he suicide in a dark night of January.

Description of characters 3

Scalus:  It is the Prince of Verona. Which at first appears as a figure with more authority than the feuding families to dispel the fighting in the public square.

Couplet: Lord Capulet is seen as a strong character, with quick and decisive attitude, as in a meeting to plan the marriage of Juliet to Paris gentleman.

Montague:  Montague appears little in the work in the first scene is concerned about your child's depression, then almost at the end of the work for reconciliation.

Lady couplet:  Is a character who represents the normal level of the wives of the time, obedient and attached to their husbands, arranged marriages , she is very strict with his daughter Juliet. But in the end seat so resigned to her daughter's behavior, this character is linked to the conflict only by her husband.

Lady montague: Much like Mrs. Capulet, obedient and devoted, conciliatory shown in the final act shows that dies of grief for his son Romeo.

Tybalt: Juliet's cousin and nephew of Montague, dies in fight with Romero, after he kills Mercutio, Romeo's best friend, also shows violent when he shows the idea of ending Romeo at the same time the party had been organized. But Tybalt is not clean, in combat with the advantage of Mercutio Romeo's intervention to kill Mercutio in a lunge; the coward flees, but returns with pretensions of courage and also seeking to end the life of Romeo, who defends himself with anger vindictive and thus able to overcome it.

Description of characters 2

Lord Capulet: Lord Capulet is seen as a strong character , with quick and decisive attitude , as in a meeting to plan the marriage of Juliet to Paris gentleman , also shows the negative attitudes and angry at Juliet's disagreement with the idea of marriage , this character heavily involved in decisions as to advance the wedding, finally based his personality to make peace with Montague .

Paris:  This character is refined and well-mannered , a relative of Prince scale , is appreciated for its part material Capulet , his lineage and his distinction , so immediately accepted the proposal of marriage for his daughter Juliet. Ends indirectly as the person meddles in the love of Romeo and Juliet in Romeo Cemetery faces where the dies and is fair given the desire on one side of Juliet's supposed corpse.
Benvolio:  Benvolio is also peaceful, is the confrontation between the servants of the Capulet and Montague. Is troubled by the depression of Romeo and idea to attend the party of the Capulet’s, where Romeo will meet Juliet, Benvolio loses its importance with death Mercutio, Cousin of Romeo Montague.

Nurse: The nurse of Juliet appears as a character unconditional accomplice of all acts of Juliet as the counterpart of Romeo’s friends, she is intelligent and knows what is best for Juliet. As in trying to convince her to marry Paris, apart from Romeo that was nothing compared to him. In their statements shows the character vulgar and tasteless.

Description of characters 1

Romeo: Romeo Montague’s son, young, handsome, passionate, able to do everything and more for your beloved and friends.
Romeo is shown as a peaceful character at the beginning to try and avoid a dispute between Tybalt and Mercutio, but also to undertake retaliatory killing Tybalt
. Is banished to Mantua by killing Tybalt, nephew of Montague and suicidal poisoning to believe that his wife had died.

Juliet: Juliet Capulet’s daughter, young, beautiful, and innocent and this is due to his age, ready and brave enough to do anything.
This character at the beginning of the work is seen as a submissive and obedient to the commands of their parents, but also disagrees with the decision of his father to marry her to Paris.
However, their plan fails and commits suicide by burying the dagger from Romeo to find this dead poisoned.

  Father Lawrence: This is a fundamental character in the tragedy, as was the case that the lovers in this scene are seen as a sympathetic and kind. Romeo’s confessor, who helps the two lovers to marry. And then helps Juliet, giving him a potion to pretend to be dead and then carry it with her husband.

Mercutio:  is the best friend of Romeo, is the most prominent of the group of friends for their agacity and acute and critical interventions. Mercutio is a character who is constantly criticizing all around him, especially to Romeo, but deep and try to advise you appreciate it , this way of speaking comes in contrast to the exaggerated romantic Romeo.

Social Space:

In the city were people of all social-economic classes. But Capulet an the Montague were of the high, class the rivality of the both families was, because the grandparents of the both families had a big rivality and they transmitted was very common in the age. Mercutio the best friend Romeo Montague had rivality with Tybalt, and these to kill Mercutio. Confrontation Capulets and Montagues maintaining frames the extraordinary relationship between Romeo and Juliet, The passion to drive the lovers is overwhelming and frantic, it can be seen in the short period of six days where they fall in love , marry , have their wedding night and tragedy happens. Which celebrates the legend of two lovers whose love for cam to death because of social and family environment of the time and had been registered previously as literary stories of Pyramus and Thisbe , Hero and Leander in medieval Tristan and Isolde , in Renaissance Spain and Melibea Calixto. In the city of Verona, there are two rival families that keeps old grudge involving as many families as outside Paris and Mercutio, the only two descendants of each family are Romeo and Juliet for the first time in a meeting and fall in love. Shortly after the wedding in a clash between Montagues and Capulets killed Romeo’s best friend , Mercutio in Tybalt Capulet 's nephew , Romeo kills him in revenge for this , the prince condemns Romeo to banishment to Mantua.
The fourth time that lovers are consummate their wedding night, Juliet 's father planned marriage with the gentleman Paris.

Temporal space:

The story occurred in the xv   century, Italy was influenced by the catolic church; Romeo and Juliet lived in he age of renascence. Romeo and Juliet met in the party. Romeo and Juliet as literary historians say was written between 1594 and 1595, is located within the initial period of Shakespeare's literary production, which began around the year 1590. This period was very productive , because before this work had already written four historical dramas as Richard III , Four comedies like “dream of  a night of summer” ; poems “Venus and Adonis” and “Rape of Lucretia” and part of his fifty- four sonnets (1592 - 1597) , opera productions that placed him as a poet and author of extraordinary quality. Shakespeare in this period forges his expressive arms and play with language reaching Romeo and Juliet his first masterpiece and first work of tragedy can be seen that the poet has reached great technical mastery and verbal dramatic moderating the excesses of “euphuism. "The theme of the tragedy was said to have been extracted from a history of Verona - Italy several authors used, as the version made in the form of the English poem by Arthur Brooke called “The Tragical Historie of Romeus” and Juliet .

Physic Space:

  The story is developed in a city of italy, in verona, a city of north Italy. The houses of the city were like colonial styled; the streets were narrow and crowd. There were a lot of carriages. In Verona to meet the common places of the families to confront: the square public, some street and the cemetery. The streets and the square served as the scene of clashes between Montagues and Capulets, but also can mention Tybalt aggression against Romeo in Capulet 's house. Maybe the space more important is the house capuleto, the garden facing the bedroom window of Juliet, where they happen most momentous secret meetings between lovers, there are also consummate their wedding night. Friar Laurence’s cell denotes the desire of the union of Romeo and Juliet in his frantic love, regardless of the location or situation. Mantua the city of Romeo’s exile is presented as a grim and sad figure , perhaps because of the separation from his beloved, the apothecary's shop is presented with a gloomy atmosphere including emaciated owner, as a prelude to the love of Romeo 's suicide .
Finally, the cemetery is the site where the tragic fate outcome of the partnership and carried out, but it also symbolizes the burial of young people, also the burial of hatred between the families.

The action of Romeo and Juliet only appears in the Italian cities of Verona and Mantua can be seen in the map.”


This is the story of two young, and takes place in Verona. They are Romeoand Juliet. Romeo belongs to the family of the Montague and Juliet belongs tothe family of the Capulet.Both families became enemies jeopardizing the love Romeo and Juliet.

Initially the two did not know their parentage, but in the partyorganizes Capulet, Romeo without guests realize admitted to theparty in a challenging way.
Juliet is in love with Romeo and is ready to do anything for him, but his fatherhas prepared another destination: to marry Count Paris. She indespair turns to his confessor in search of a solution.
Fate played a trick on Romeo, believing that his lover haddead and decided to end his life.

Juliet is dead after waking her Romeo; her life is no longersense and decides to commit suicide.This work to endured over time as loving a conflict to this day is effective.

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Critical Romeo and Juliet

The Elizabethan theater had a big repercussion on William Shakespeare , where a  followed of success  led him to continue polishing his playwright level , where each work were a challenge for his and for  his public , this public expected  to watch a masterpiece of William Shakespeare.

The  novel  is  in a city of Italy  where  two families  had big hate each,  but this did not  prevented that one of the members of each family fall in love of the other. This is the principal topic of Romeo and Juliet, a impossible love, this forbidden love is not Approved but both families.

Rome and Juliet had been converted in a on the books more famous in the world, the book by himself had transcended in the story without hesitation one of the most successful books by William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare in this book express a enormous quantity of feelings and sincere emotions, that lead to you inside of the history of the book, you can feel that you are part of the history.

The most awesome of the book is the essence of frames, a delusion can lead to death, and the death can lead to a disaster.