martes, 31 de agosto de 2010

Temporal space:

The story occurred in the xv   century, Italy was influenced by the catolic church; Romeo and Juliet lived in he age of renascence. Romeo and Juliet met in the party. Romeo and Juliet as literary historians say was written between 1594 and 1595, is located within the initial period of Shakespeare's literary production, which began around the year 1590. This period was very productive , because before this work had already written four historical dramas as Richard III , Four comedies like “dream of  a night of summer” ; poems “Venus and Adonis” and “Rape of Lucretia” and part of his fifty- four sonnets (1592 - 1597) , opera productions that placed him as a poet and author of extraordinary quality. Shakespeare in this period forges his expressive arms and play with language reaching Romeo and Juliet his first masterpiece and first work of tragedy can be seen that the poet has reached great technical mastery and verbal dramatic moderating the excesses of “euphuism. "The theme of the tragedy was said to have been extracted from a history of Verona - Italy several authors used, as the version made in the form of the English poem by Arthur Brooke called “The Tragical Historie of Romeus” and Juliet .

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