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Description of characters 2

Lord Capulet: Lord Capulet is seen as a strong character , with quick and decisive attitude , as in a meeting to plan the marriage of Juliet to Paris gentleman , also shows the negative attitudes and angry at Juliet's disagreement with the idea of marriage , this character heavily involved in decisions as to advance the wedding, finally based his personality to make peace with Montague .

Paris:  This character is refined and well-mannered , a relative of Prince scale , is appreciated for its part material Capulet , his lineage and his distinction , so immediately accepted the proposal of marriage for his daughter Juliet. Ends indirectly as the person meddles in the love of Romeo and Juliet in Romeo Cemetery faces where the dies and is fair given the desire on one side of Juliet's supposed corpse.
Benvolio:  Benvolio is also peaceful, is the confrontation between the servants of the Capulet and Montague. Is troubled by the depression of Romeo and idea to attend the party of the Capulet’s, where Romeo will meet Juliet, Benvolio loses its importance with death Mercutio, Cousin of Romeo Montague.

Nurse: The nurse of Juliet appears as a character unconditional accomplice of all acts of Juliet as the counterpart of Romeo’s friends, she is intelligent and knows what is best for Juliet. As in trying to convince her to marry Paris, apart from Romeo that was nothing compared to him. In their statements shows the character vulgar and tasteless.

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