martes, 31 de agosto de 2010


This is the story of two young, and takes place in Verona. They are Romeoand Juliet. Romeo belongs to the family of the Montague and Juliet belongs tothe family of the Capulet.Both families became enemies jeopardizing the love Romeo and Juliet.

Initially the two did not know their parentage, but in the partyorganizes Capulet, Romeo without guests realize admitted to theparty in a challenging way.
Juliet is in love with Romeo and is ready to do anything for him, but his fatherhas prepared another destination: to marry Count Paris. She indespair turns to his confessor in search of a solution.
Fate played a trick on Romeo, believing that his lover haddead and decided to end his life.

Juliet is dead after waking her Romeo; her life is no longersense and decides to commit suicide.This work to endured over time as loving a conflict to this day is effective.

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