lunes, 30 de agosto de 2010

Critical Romeo and Juliet

The Elizabethan theater had a big repercussion on William Shakespeare , where a  followed of success  led him to continue polishing his playwright level , where each work were a challenge for his and for  his public , this public expected  to watch a masterpiece of William Shakespeare.

The  novel  is  in a city of Italy  where  two families  had big hate each,  but this did not  prevented that one of the members of each family fall in love of the other. This is the principal topic of Romeo and Juliet, a impossible love, this forbidden love is not Approved but both families.

Rome and Juliet had been converted in a on the books more famous in the world, the book by himself had transcended in the story without hesitation one of the most successful books by William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare in this book express a enormous quantity of feelings and sincere emotions, that lead to you inside of the history of the book, you can feel that you are part of the history.

The most awesome of the book is the essence of frames, a delusion can lead to death, and the death can lead to a disaster.

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