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alternative end

Scene III act IV

Juliet, on her chamber.
Juliet: this bloddy hate of this both families, but this potion will free our love and we’ll escape of this families, it will be a coward act but, our love is stronger. (enter miss capulet)
Miss Capulet: darling, do you need my help ?
Juliet: No Mother, thanks by the way, why has you arrived to my chamber?
Miss Capulet: a mother isn’t allowed to see her daughter?
Juliet: isn’t that, but, I’m nervous about all this things… can you let me alone?
Miss Capulet: well, if is that your wish, good night.
Juliet: good night mother (mother go out) at last, you are my ticket to way out of here (look to the potion and open it, it touch her lips, but Juliet stops) No! I can’t be so coward! (runs out of the chamber)
Scene IV
In the pasillo”, Juliet with her Mother.
Juliet: Mother! Stop! I have to tell you something
Miss Capulet: what’s wrong daughter?
Juliet: I’m sorry, I lied to you, I married with Romeo Montague (Escape over the window)
Miss Capulet: Juliet! Juliet! (Enter Mr. Capulet)
Mr. Capulet: what’s wrong mylady?
Miss Capulet: It’s our daughter! She escaped!
Mr. Capulet: Oh no! Our daughter! Where? Where she did escape?
Miss Capulet: I don’t know…maybe she will go to Mantua, to see that despicable Montague!
Mr. Capulet: May be or may not… but I know someone that may know where she will go.
Scene V
Mr. Capulet with his guard in the church, looking for Friar Lawrence. Church is empty, friar Lawrence is in the altar, praying, Mr. Capulet enters violently.
Friar Lawrence: How dare you! This is the God house!
Mr. Capulet: I don’t care if is the house of God or Devil, where is my daughter?!
Friar Lawrence: WTF! (LO BORRARE XD) I don’t know what are you talking about!
Mr. Capulet: Listen, God deer, I don’t want to hurt you but if you don’t tell me where is my daughter, I will fire this church with you on it! Do you understand?
Friar Lawrence: Your Daughter? Juliet? Isn’t her in your house?
Mr. Capulet: It seems you don’t understand me,(furious) Where is my Daughter?!
Friar Lawrence: Oh dear God! (whispering) she maybe don’t stick to the plan.
Mr. Capulet: What plan?!
Friar Lawrence: nothing Capulet chief, I’m a little bit dizzy.
Mr. Capulet: Perhaps you God servant have to learn the God laws, lie it’s a sin, guards! (guards raise their weapons and Friar Lawrence is the target)
Friar Lawrence: It’s a sin if you do it for a good cause.
Mr. Capulet: Don’t you understand? Guards, cut him one foot!
Friar Lawrence: I will not speak! (guards cut him a leg and Friar screams)
Mr. Capulet: and now?
Friar Lawrence: (starts to pray) God is my temple, god is my guard, he in the front, I behind, neither my blood neither my body will separate me of him (guard cut his legs, all covered with blood) the wounds and the pain will give me strength, all deaths leads to heaven (one guard put a spear in friar head)
nel nome del Padre, del Figlio e dello Spirito Santo, amen (the friar head it’s crossed by the spear and the body falls into the floor)
Mr. Capulet: well, he did’t wanted to talk. (From behind the altars, a noise is heared) What was that? (approaches the altar, appear acolyte) Very good, somebody will tell us where is my daughter.
Acolyte: (tries to escape but two guards stop him, he fell into de floor)The only thing I know is that Romeo will meet Juliet in two more days, in the church yard (begging to Mr. Capulet) please don’t kill me!
Mr. Capulet: Very well, so in the church yard…

Scene VI
In a street of Verona, Juliet with a crowd of people.
Juliet: Oh damn I! what do I do now? My love, my family, love is stronger, but I will never see my family again, almost not with Romeo, if only! If only a miracle would come from heaven and clean the hate of this families! Many man has death because of this curse. But, that’s not important now, I didn’t follow the plan, and I don’t know how to arrive to Mantua, maybe, the best option is to meet Romeo in two more days, in the churchyard.
Scene VII
In the churchyard, Romeo arrives first with a letter in his hands.
Romeo: It is here? The meeting with my love, Juliet, according to this letter, I must wait here. (noises and shadows moves from behind) What is this? A trick ? I’m not afraid of this things, ghosts and demons! Come here and taste the steel of my sword! (draws his sword and appear Juliet) My love! Juliet! (Him sheates his sword and kiss Juliet with passion)
Juliet: Oh! Romeo! now! Let’s escape from this wastelands.
Romeo: Well, as your wish. (Noises and shadows from behind, romeo draws his sword again) Show yourself! (Appear Mr. Capulet and his guard)
Mr. Capulet: well well well, what do we have here, my disobedient daughter and a depreciable Montague, I will kill you right here and right now!
 Juliet: Father no! (Mr. capulet draws his sword)
Mr, Capulet: Fight like a man!
Romeo: well, if that is your highness will.
Juliet: Please no! (Mr. Capulet fight with Romeo)
Romeo: go out! i don't want to hurt you! (still fighting with Mr. Capulet, he fell into the floor)
Juliet: no Romeo!
Romeo: (furious) Die! (stabs Mr, Capulet and Die) At last (to juliet) we can be free my love.
Juliet: No (crying) no no no! (scream) Noo!! Father!
Romeo: but juliet, we can marry now!
Juliet: (crying with angry) I- Hate You!
Romeo: but... my love (Juliet ran far away and disappear) My love (crying) and go away (appear acolyte)
Acolyte: after the tragedy of the dead of Juliet father, her turned into a nun, forgetting all love to men and loving only god, and Romeo never forgot his past so he suicide in a dark night of January.

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