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Description of characters 3

Scalus:  It is the Prince of Verona. Which at first appears as a figure with more authority than the feuding families to dispel the fighting in the public square.

Couplet: Lord Capulet is seen as a strong character, with quick and decisive attitude, as in a meeting to plan the marriage of Juliet to Paris gentleman.

Montague:  Montague appears little in the work in the first scene is concerned about your child's depression, then almost at the end of the work for reconciliation.

Lady couplet:  Is a character who represents the normal level of the wives of the time, obedient and attached to their husbands, arranged marriages , she is very strict with his daughter Juliet. But in the end seat so resigned to her daughter's behavior, this character is linked to the conflict only by her husband.

Lady montague: Much like Mrs. Capulet, obedient and devoted, conciliatory shown in the final act shows that dies of grief for his son Romeo.

Tybalt: Juliet's cousin and nephew of Montague, dies in fight with Romero, after he kills Mercutio, Romeo's best friend, also shows violent when he shows the idea of ending Romeo at the same time the party had been organized. But Tybalt is not clean, in combat with the advantage of Mercutio Romeo's intervention to kill Mercutio in a lunge; the coward flees, but returns with pretensions of courage and also seeking to end the life of Romeo, who defends himself with anger vindictive and thus able to overcome it.

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