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Description of characters 1

Romeo: Romeo Montague’s son, young, handsome, passionate, able to do everything and more for your beloved and friends.
Romeo is shown as a peaceful character at the beginning to try and avoid a dispute between Tybalt and Mercutio, but also to undertake retaliatory killing Tybalt
. Is banished to Mantua by killing Tybalt, nephew of Montague and suicidal poisoning to believe that his wife had died.

Juliet: Juliet Capulet’s daughter, young, beautiful, and innocent and this is due to his age, ready and brave enough to do anything.
This character at the beginning of the work is seen as a submissive and obedient to the commands of their parents, but also disagrees with the decision of his father to marry her to Paris.
However, their plan fails and commits suicide by burying the dagger from Romeo to find this dead poisoned.

  Father Lawrence: This is a fundamental character in the tragedy, as was the case that the lovers in this scene are seen as a sympathetic and kind. Romeo’s confessor, who helps the two lovers to marry. And then helps Juliet, giving him a potion to pretend to be dead and then carry it with her husband.

Mercutio:  is the best friend of Romeo, is the most prominent of the group of friends for their agacity and acute and critical interventions. Mercutio is a character who is constantly criticizing all around him, especially to Romeo, but deep and try to advise you appreciate it , this way of speaking comes in contrast to the exaggerated romantic Romeo.

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