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In the city were people of all social-economic classes. But Capulet an the Montague were of the high, class the rivality of the both families was, because the grandparents of the both families had a big rivality and they transmitted was very common in the age. Mercutio the best friend Romeo Montague had rivality with Tybalt, and these to kill Mercutio. Confrontation Capulets and Montagues maintaining frames the extraordinary relationship between Romeo and Juliet, The passion to drive the lovers is overwhelming and frantic, it can be seen in the short period of six days where they fall in love , marry , have their wedding night and tragedy happens. Which celebrates the legend of two lovers whose love for cam to death because of social and family environment of the time and had been registered previously as literary stories of Pyramus and Thisbe , Hero and Leander in medieval Tristan and Isolde , in Renaissance Spain and Melibea Calixto. In the city of Verona, there are two rival families that keeps old grudge involving as many families as outside Paris and Mercutio, the only two descendants of each family are Romeo and Juliet for the first time in a meeting and fall in love. Shortly after the wedding in a clash between Montagues and Capulets killed Romeo’s best friend , Mercutio in Tybalt Capulet 's nephew , Romeo kills him in revenge for this , the prince condemns Romeo to banishment to Mantua.
The fourth time that lovers are consummate their wedding night, Juliet 's father planned marriage with the gentleman Paris.

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